Confederate Relics and Artifacts

In order to complete the study of arms making in North Carolina, we have included a chapter on the guns, edge weapons, accourements, etc. that were manufactured in or associated with North Carolina for the Confederate War effort (1861-1865). As one will see, many of the North Carolina longrifle makers turned their talents to manufacturing arms for the Southern Confederacy. A survey of all of the major North Carolina Confederate arms has never been undertaken in one publication, thus an addition to this book for the interested collector or historian.

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Confederate Relics and Arms
Page 308
Confederate Knives and Canteen
Page 366

Confederate Uniform
Page 376

"Relics and artifacts of that bloody, and sometimes romantic period, are part of our heritage. The common soldier, both North and South, suffered more than we can know or place in print. In this field of study and collecting, there seems to be more associated emotion, romance and tragedy than in other areas of interest. One cannot help but appreciate a known Confederate sword that is etched Resistance to Tyranny is Obedience to God that conveyed the attitude of many Southerners at that period in time. When you have a feel for Confederate artifacts, they seem to convey to you a lot of imagination about those who carried and used them in battle."

---"North Carolina Schools of Longrifles 1765-1865"

Confederate Accoutrements
page 369
Confederate Edge Weapons, Swords
pages 334-335

"The Confederate War and the cause of Southern Independence, for which loyal North Carolinians died, has long passed. Not a realistic or valid advocate remains. However, as long as valor, courage, loyalty, sacrifice, and hardship are remembered in the context of that time in history, it seems that all modern countrymen should appreciate the collecting and preserving of these historical Confederate artifacts."

---"North Carolina Schools of Longrifles 1765-1865"



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